Summer Programs 2020 @The Open Studio
Please submit a separate form for each child. For all camp information, please see For questions, please call 054-637-2767 or email

LOCATION: Camp will be taking place at Kehillat Mivahshe Derech, Shai Agnon 22 in the San Simone neighborhood of Jerusalem. Bus lines: 15 & 22. Nitzanim camps will be here unless otherwise noted below.

CAMP CORONA: We are happy to prepare for camp even amidst the uncertainty that we are all facing. Meanwhile, we recognize that if we go ahead with all the preparations, and then camp is cancelled due to corona, there are certain "sunk costs" which would mean the end of The Open Studio.

Therefore, this year, there will be a non-refundable deposit of NIS 165 per child (just once per child, not per week). We are doing this so that, we can proceed responsibly. This is not an additional payment, it is included in the camp registration fee. Your balance in full will be due the Sunday before your first child is to begin camp. If due to corona reasons, camp is cancelled, you will only be charged proportionately for the days that camp is open and will be refunded the remainder of your payment. (The regular cancellation policy, in the Terms of Participation, still apply if camp isn't cancelled but you choose to cancel your participation.)

We want to stress, especially if someone in your household is immuno-compromised or otherwise high-risk, that no environment can ever guarantee absolute safety. This includes schools and camp. If this applies to anyone in your family, please consider participation in our camps through a virtual kit (link to order kit).

PRICING: Anafim & Shtilim camps are in NIS. Short Day (9am-2pm) and full Day (8:30-15:30). The “Multi-Week/Sibling Discount” applies to families registering for a total of 3 weeks or more and the discount applies to all campers in one family. Price Includes: T-shirt, sketchbooks and supplies
1 week: 900 (short day), 1150 (full day)
2 weeks: 1700 (short day), 2150 (full day) save 100nis!
3+ weeks: 2400 (short day), 3000 (full day) save 300nis!
Early Drop off only: 50 per week

There will be no camp on Thursday July 30th (Tisha Ba'av).

You can always contact us via whats app at 054-637-2767 or by email:

Please allow us one business day to get back to you.

Your partners in creativity,
The Open Studio
יש למלא טופס נפרד לכל ילד.
לשאלות נא להתקשר 054-637-2767 או לשלוח מייל לדוא"ל l
לביטול יותר משבועיים לפני המחזור יש תשלום של 400 ש"ח. לביטול שבועיים או פחות לפני המחזור אין החזרים.
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