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Dear All Alumnus,
This is our privilege to organize the Alumni Meet on 01-03-2020 (Sunday 09:00 AM onwards) at Govt. Polytechnic Lisana. You are cordially invited for this mega event and we are very sure that your august presence will glorify our initiative.
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1. Please fill your year of admission. e.g. if you are admitted in 2010 & passed out in 2013, then please fill 2010. (Please remember your roll no.'s starting digits e.g. 100301700014 (2010 Batch) or 120301000031 (2012 Batch), like this) 2. For DET-L students, batch year is one year before their admission year. e.g. Batch for 12030171301 is "2012" and likewise Batch for 10030071105 is "2010" i.e. Batch Year of 1st Year not 2nd Year
4A. Branch *
Please specify your Branch Name. Alumni from Mechanical (Tool & Die),Mechanical(Foundry & Forging), Mechanical (Production) like may please choose "MECHANICAL". If still there is unlisted branch here, they may please fill their branch name in other option
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Please provide the post name of present service. {in case of self employment please fill "Owner"}
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Let us know the kind of industry/organization in which you are serving
11. Complete Address of Present Employer *
Let us know about our proud alumni's present esteemed employer where he is serving
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12. Total Years of experience *
Please mention total years if experience after passing out {only in number say 4 years and 8 moths should be "5" or 2 years&3 months as "2"}
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13. Have you participated in earlier Alumni Meet of this institution? *
14. Are you interested to share the news of this mega event with your other batchmates, seniors or juniors? Please provide their communication addresses!!
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15. Feel free to call us at 01274-247665 or write on Any feedback/suggestion is also highly acknowledged
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