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Bi-State Wildlife is in constant need of places to release orphaned wildlife when they are old enough to survive on their own. These sites must be in Missouri or Illinois and need to meet certain criteria. Please tell us more about yourself and your property.
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Some animals must be released in the morning, while others must be released late at night. What hours are you comfortable allowing releases?
How many acres do you own at this site?
Does this property back up to additional acreage where wildlife is allowed? Please explain.
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Does this property have any buildings that wildlife can be released into? Such as an old barn, shed, stable, etc.
Are you willing and able to put out supplemental food (provided by us) daily to help transition released animals?
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Are any domestic animals present on this property? If so, please mark ALL that EVER go outside of the house, even if it's not often.
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What species are you willing to accept at this location?Check all that apply. *
Are you comfortable with the possibility that released animals may be friendly when first released? You will need to maintain distance from these animals no matter how friendly they seem. *
Do you agree to refrain from using any sort of pesticide or poison products near where wildlife is released? *
Do you agree to contact Bi-State Wildlife for any and all issues or concerns after animals are released to your property? *
Do you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with us?
Thank you for your time and application! We will be in touch soon!
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