Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2017
Category Information
Please find below the categories for this year’s awards. If you require any further information in relation to this please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone on 01786 430000.

Volunteer of the Year Award

No nominations will be taken for this award instead the winner will be decided from nominees of the other seven award categories. This will allow the judges to select someone who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to their community through exceptional commitment.

Nominees may have -
Gone above and beyond their role
Inspired and motivated others
Made a considerable impact over the course of 2017

Volunteer Team of the Year Award sponsored by Stirling Council

Nominees for this award – two or more people - will be able to demonstrate teamwork and a combined contribution for the benefit of a cause or the community.

Nominees may have -
Worked collaboratively on a specific event or project
Volunteered together to achieve a positive result
Made an impact over the course of 2017

Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Nominees for this award can be an individual or group of young people aged 25 and under who have shown an exceptional commitment to volunteering and demonstrated passion and innovation as a volunteer.

Nominees may have -
Made a significant difference by volunteering their time and skills
Demonstrated personal development
Shown particular enthusiasm and passion for their role

Outstanding Achievement in Health and Wellbeing Award sponsored by NHS Forth Valley

Nominees for this award will have made a positive difference to an individual or groups health and wellbeing, or have actively encouraged others to get involved in improving health and wellbeing in their community,

Nominees may have -
Helped promote wellbeing in physical or mental health
Contributed to a reduction in social isolation
Promoted social connectivity

Volunteering in Sport Award sponsored by Active Stirling

Nominations are open to clubs, teams, schools and individual volunteers within Stirlingshire whose contribution to sport has made a real difference.

Nominees may have -
Inspired others through their leadership and coaching.
Used sport and physical activity as a tool to positively impact the lives of participants.
Used sport as a way to tackle social isolation and loneliness

Outstanding Trustee Award sponsored by the Engine Shed

Trustees are responsible for the good governance and smooth running of an organisation. Nominations will be welcomed from individuals who are committed to using their skills, knowledge and passion for the benefit of their charity.

Nominees may have -
Shown inspirational leadership
Demonstrated a real commitment to developing their organisation
Used their skills and knowledge to implement positive change

Heart of Gold Award

This award recognises outstanding volunteers who have shown that volunteering is a passion, not a pastime. These volunteers go the extra mile for the individuals and the organisations they support.

Nominees may have -
Demonstrated passion and dedication to the organisation they work with
Overcome adversity and used their experience to support others
Impacted positively on the lives of others

Commitment to Volunteering Award

Nominees for this award will have demonstrated a commitment to volunteering for a significant period of time.
Awards will be given for volunteers who have shown a commitment for
5 years
10 years
20 years
30 years
All volunteers nominated for this award will be recognised.

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