iLEAD Spring Meadows Distance Learning Survey
We want to hear about your family's experiences with distance learning at iLEAD Spring Meadows. Please complete a separate form for each child. Your answers and comments are completely confidential and will only be used to assess our strengths and determine areas for improvement.
Grade level (Please complete a separate survey for each child) *
How comfortable are you feeling/coping with the new situation (distance learning)? *
How concerned are you about your child’s social-emotional well-being while school is closed? *
What are your concerns, if any, about your child’s learning while school is closed?
About how many hours a day is your child participating in learning activities? *
How often has your child participated in either Morning Meeting/Advisory Class ZOOM meetings or other virtual meeting websites? *
Do you find the class Zoom meetings to be beneficial? Is there anything you would add/take away?
How often is your child logging into PowerSchool, Google Classroom, or Email to get access to his/her/their learning activities? *
How often do the learning activities provide voice and choice? *
Are the learning activities engaging and motivating? *
Do you have any examples of a learning activity your child found engaging and motivating? For example, what activity is your child loving? Where is your child thriving?
LEARNERS WITH IEPs ONLY: Is your child receiving Special Education instruction and support to help meet his/her/their individual learning needs?
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How confident are you in supporting your child’s schooling during distance learning?
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How interested would you be in participating in a parent webinar to help support your child's distance learning experience? *
As a parent or guardian, do you need any suggestions or help to support your child’s distance learning? Please explain.
How can we better support your family while school is closed? Please explain.
Do you have any success stories regarding your child's experience with distance learning you would like to share?
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