Health Insurance Questionnaire
Your employer has partnered with Monarch Agency Solutions to help you access the most amount of benefits for the least cost possible. 

Please complete the following form to the best of your ability. 

We will use this form to determine your family's eligibility. 
There are programs to help cover part or even ALL of your monthly health insurance premiums.
This comes in the form of a tax subsidy in which 8 in 10 families are qualifying for at the moment. 

This means your health insurance premiums may be low cost or even no cost. 
This is based on household size, status of insurance and income. 

Once you complete the following information, an agent will input this into the system and will take a look to see which policies are best for you and your family based on your zip code, doctors and medications. You will then hear back with a couple of options to choose from.

If you have any questions, please contact Ho Tran at 425-505-5657
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This is all income that is reported on taxes regardless of who is applying for coverage.

If you are married please include both incomes. If you are self employed this is the number after deductions.

In order to qualify for the subsidy you MUST file jointly if you are married. Include both incomes in this number.
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