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Thank you for applying to join 1678 Citrus Circuits. Please answer these questions based on your experience during the Shadow Day. This will take approximately 20 minutes.

The deadline to fill out the form is May 31, 11:59 pm PST. If you fill it out AFTER the deadline, you will not be given priority consideration for interview scheduling or membership.

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Example: World Civilization, Chemistry, English Honors, Integrated Math 3, P.E., Intermediate Robotics Engineering, and French 3
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How do you feel about that course load? *
I understand that I cannot take Advanced Robotics course if I am not accepted onto the team. *
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We ask for teacher recommendations from each student applying to join the team. Please give the following form link to a teacher who, in your opinion, will be able to speak to your work ethic and attitude: *
Were you ever a member of a Davis Youth Robotics team? *
If you were on a DYR team and you had a student mentor from Citrus Circuits, what was that mentor's name? (if you remember)
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We will be interviewing all applicants throughout June. Are there any scheduling conflicts that you cannot change? If so, please list their date(s). *
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Team Questions
These questions are to give us an idea of your interests and help us understand how you may fit into our team to work towards our goals. They are by no means comprehensive, and we will factor in your interview responses.

Please take time to carefully respond to these questions. Your responses will factor into our final decision, so please feel free to elaborate upon anything that you believe will show why you are a good fit for the team.

How did you learn about the team? *
What do you already know about the team? *
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What do you want to know about the team? *
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Why do you want to join the team? *
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What are some of your attributes that would make you a valuable 1678 team member? *
This is not limited to technical achievements. This can also include leadership experience, communication, etc.
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What do you want to learn and gain from joining the team? *
Examples include: understanding of various programming languages, understanding of mechanical engineering subsystems, development of organizational and time management skills, etc.
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Subteam preference (1 for most preferred, 4 for least preferred). If you have no further subteam preference, choose "no other subteam" *
Business and Media
Hardware Electrical
Hardware Design
Software Scouting
Software Robot
Hardware Fabrication
No other subteam
Explain why the subteam(s) interest you. *
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Do you have any other concerns or questions you would like to share? These questions can be addressed in the interview.
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