I would like to volunteer to preserve fruit
Thanks for offering to volunteer for Communty Fruit Harvesting, a registered charity in Auckland.

If you would like to volunteer to make preserves for Community Fruit Harvesting, then:
The preserve makers need to collect the fruit, sugar and labels from the Community Fruit Harvesting area coordinator and return the made preserves back to the coordinator, by agreement, to ensure that the preserves are distributed according to our policies and priorities. Please collect your own jars from friends and family and colleagues and the community.
We expect that you will provide your own cooking equipment.

Jars: We must use jars with metal re-sealable lids (not plastic ones).
Labels: We must use the Community Fruit Harvesting pre-printed labels.
Distribution: at least 90% of what we make is donated to places as per our distribution policy and the preserver may keep 10% for their personal use.

Please note the following when making preserves:
• Use clean, sterilised jars with metal re-sealable lids (sterilise jars - 100⁰ C in oven for at least 10 minutes).
• Ensure that jam/marmalade has set properly before distributing it.
• Clean the outside of the jars (we don’t want sticky jars).
• Do not distribute half-filled jars – give these to friends and neighbours.
• Check that the lids have been properly sealed.
• Label your jars clearly, with Community Fruit Harvesting labels, the date and your given preserver code.
• Distribution of the preserves must be done according to our distribution policy
When making cordial, ensure it is kept refrigerated.

For our own protection and that of the recipients of the preserves, we need to ensure that everyone preserving for us, agrees to abide by our policies.
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