ToksTech + Vite Labs Interview Quiz
Participate and win VITE! Watch the interview here:

The first 20 qualified participants will receive 300 VITE each. One winner will be randomly selected to win another 500 VITE. All other qualified participants will receive 100 VITE, if they are in the top 300 submissions!

All questions must be answered correctly to win rewards.

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@ashokelal11 (500)

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In which cities are offices of Vite Labs? What is the function of each office? (Beijing - Development; SF and Sunnyvale - Business)
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Name at least three products in Vite's ecosystem.
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Which city is Vite building a token economy for? Why is this a historical first? (Syracuse)
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Vite wants to be the underlying infrastructure of ___ ? (A)
Vite is about to launch ___ ? (C)
Vite's ecosystem of products includes ___ ? (ABCDEF)
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