How does air brushing affect you?

This project is part of a research module which is currently being delivered by the University of Wales, Newport in collaboration with Coleg Gwent. Part of the research criteria is that I carry out independent research around a personal area of interest.
For this project, my chosen field of study is how images in the media affect your body image and self esteem
My main aim is to find out if their is a connection between enhanced,air brushed and editied image's in the media and peoples body image and self esteem being lowerd

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could complete the following questionnaire. For this to be as accurate as is possible we need you to answer ALL the following questions as honestly as possible.

All the information gathered is: strictly confidential - no names are required - all the answers will be anonymised, (meaning no single answer can be linked to you) and will only be used by me – supported by university staff for research purposes.

If at any time you wish to withdraw from this questionnaire, please inform me on the contact details given below – and you will be withdrawn.

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