Apply by April 13, 2020
Use this form to apply for the 2020 Bristol Bay River & Guide Academy. Please review eligibility information, which can be found here:

Mailed applications will also be accepted. The mail-in form can be downloaded here:
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I understand that, if under 18 years old, a parent or guardian permission will be required to participate in this camp.
I understand that, if over 18 years old, I will be subject to a background check before admittance into the Academy.
I understand that if I am accepted into this program, I must submit a check, payable to BBHLT, to hold my spot. The $50 fee will be reimbursed to me upon my arrival to the Academy. *
Please answer the following questions:
Why are you interested in attending this Academy? What do you hope to get out of the course? *
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Describe your interest and personal experience in fishing and outdoor recreation. *
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Are you interested in pursuing employment in the guiding industry? If so, why? If no, how do you expect to apply your new skills to future career opportunities? *
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If you are nominating an applicant:
Please list your first and last name and organization/school affiliation (if applicable)
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Also Required: Letter of Recommendation
Please send a letter of recommendation from someone (non-immediate family) who is familiar with your interests in outdoor recreation.

Letters may be emailed to: (please put GUIDE ACADEMY in the subject line) or mailed to the address below.
Submission Details
By April 13, 2020 Please Submit:
- Your application/nomination (using this form or the downloadable PDF at the top of this form)
- Letter of recommendation

Letters of recommendation can be mailed to:
Trout Unlimited Alaska
Attn: Guide Academy
3105 Lakeshore Drive #102B
Anchorage, AK 99517
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