LaunchGood Fellowship
Grab a cup of tea (or hot cocoa!), set aside 30 minutes, and go!
Be the Change this Winter.
Here's your chance to change the world. To work with a global team of amazing social entrepreneurs supporting incredible Muslims doing good work all across the world. To learn and refine the skills you need to become a leader, a visionary. To travel and visit one of the coolest incubators in Detroit and open your eyes up to new ways of work.

Here's your chance to join the legion of LaunchGood fellows.


Creative. Entrepreneurial. Empowered. LaunchGood is committed to highlighting the incredible values of the global Muslim community with every campaign.

LaunchGood is an online community to support Muslims launching good all over the world by helping them raise funds for their campaigns. We are a full-service model – meaning we work with each campaign individually, beginning to end – and also have strong community engagements, where we focus on building community campaigns around student groups, causes, etc.


-Have an opportunity to do real meaningful work where you can see your impact directly supporting others
-Learn what it truly takes to make a crowdfunding campaign successful and how to coach others
-Go through a 12-week online course prepared by LaunchGood's founders to equip you with the skills & mindset to launch your own endeavors
-Learn about new models and ways of working
-Access to the Green Garage Incubator in Detroit and it's awesome community
-A chance to work with and meet awesome Muslim creatives, LaunchGooders, and amazing people doing cool work across the globe

Fellows will no doubt learn about the power of crowdfunding, social entrepreneurship, and leadership.
Ideally they leave the fellowship more empowered as they learn practical skills and principles to share in their communities. This is an investment LaunchGood's happy to make in them, and by extension their respective communities.


General (i.e. campaign coaching/general support) + Outreach
Design (i.e. graphic design/front end development) + Outreach

Note* both positions will require fellows to do extensive outreach.*


Being a startup, these fellowship positions are unpaid. After the 3 month period if fellows impress our team and continue with us we offer paid positions. We are growing quickly and looking for talented individuals we can turn full time and secure funding for if they show the talent. We are looking for people who love building something from nothing, who thrive off facing a challenge without a defined solution and solving it, and who are self-motivated and exceed expectations. The startup environment is one where the success and failure of the company is directly related to the first few founding members and the effort they put forth – if that sounds exhilarating to you, you are an entrepreneur! In all positions we are looking for motivated, self-starter individuals that can work in a team as well as manage tasks independently.


We are accepting applicants from all over the world, with a special preference for fellows from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Shoot a message to, subject title: Fellowship 2017

Expected Requirements i.e. Required Swag

What: 3 Month Fellowship
Start date/Orientation: Feb. 10th - 13th, 2017
End Date: Tentative: May 5th - 7th, 2017

-15-20 hours a week (Remotely with the exception dates below)
-Ability to fly in for a 3 day orientation in Detroit, MI (February 10 -13)
-Ability to fly in for a 3-6 day debrief/team retreat at the end of of the fellowship (Possibly Istanbul, May 5th- 7th)
Other dates will be determined on as need be basis.

-Ran or supported a crowdfunding campaign
-Fundraised before
-Sense of design (preferable)
-Likes to use google docs
-Can work independently and self motivated
-Basic technological competence in Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Mail Chimp, etc.
-Have own laptop
-Ability to work in both casual and professional settings, Muslim and non-Muslim
-Has GRIT and willingness to figure things out when hitting roadblocks
-Organized and dependable
-Again dependable!
-Comfortable on phone calls
-Customer service mentality
-Love helping Muslims do awesome things!

First Name
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Last Name
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Phone Number
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Skype ID
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Best method and time to contact?
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What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?
What other commitments do you currently have?
i.e. working part time, volunteering/teach X days a week, general schedule during February-April
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Fellowship dates are Feb 10, 2017 through May 7, 2017, Are you available for the whole period?
If not, what are your constraints?
If selected for the fellowship LaunchGood we will fly you out to Detroit for a 3 day orientation on February 10th - 13th. Are you able to attend?
Note: All travel and lodging expenses covered by LG
If selected for the fellowship, you must be available for a 6 day closing team retreat (May 5th - 7th, 2017 tentatively). Location TBD are you able to make it?
Note: All travel and lodging expenses covered by LG
Have you ever worked remotely?
If so, please elaborate on how you've previously worked remotely and what types of roles you were involved in.
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How did you hear about LaunchGood?
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Why do you want to be involved with LaunchGood?
Be real here!
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How familiar are you with crowdfunding?
If you've worked on any crowdfunding campaign(s) before please share the links to those campaigns:
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What's been your experience with fundraising in general?
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What are some of the pain points/challenges around fundraising in your community?
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How do you see LaunchGood helping solve some of those pain points/challenges?
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A big element of our fellowship is outreach. If selected as a fellow, how will you spread the word about LaunchGood?
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What's your philosophy on giving?
How do you like to donate?
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Favorite LaunchGood campaign and why?
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What role are you most interested in playing? Please check all that apply.
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