all about DANCE Faculty Assistant Application
For those wishing to apply for assistant teaching 2019/20 Dance Season
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In order to be considered as a Faculty Assistant during our 2018 - 19 dance season, you:

Must be at least 10 years old to be a Jr. Faculty Assistant.
Must be at least 12 years old to be a Faculty Assistant.
Must be willing and able to assist in the class in which you are assigned.
Must abide by all rules set forth in the student handbook.
Must follow direction of faculty and staff.
Must have been an active student during last dance season.
Must be enrolled as a student for the current dance season.
Must be able to arrive at least 10 minutes before your assigned time once a month.
Must be able to attend Faculty Assistant meetings.
Must not miss more than three classes you are assigned to assist.
Must wear official, unaltered Faculty Assistant shirts, dance attire and assigned dance shoes during all classes you assist.
Participate in the Faculty Assistant opening routine during our annual dance show* (Jr. Assistants not eligible).

Faculty Assistant benefits include:
Tuition discount of $10 per month per class in which you are assigned.
One free Faculty Assistant shirt (additional shirts available for sale at an additional cost).
One free bottled water per class in which you are assigned (cannot give away, share or resell).
Participate in the Faculty Assistant routine during our annual dance show (Jr. Assistants not eligible).
Participate in the Faculty Assistant photos taken and displayed in our dance show program booklet.
Gaining the respect of students, parents, faculty and staff - assuming, of course, it is earned.
Gaining valuable knowledge and experience that will look great in the eyes of parents, family, friends and future employers.

*In order to participate in the Faculty Assistant opening routine during our annual dance show, you:
Must be at least 14 years old.
Must have been a Faculty Assistant for two consecutive years.
Must take Ballet and/or Jazz as a student.
Must be a Faculty Assistant for more than one class.
In order to become a Faculty Assistant, you must complete this application in its entirety.
By applying to be a Faculty Assistant, I acknowledged that I have read and agree with all of the terms, conditions, policies, procedures, permissions, releases, dress codes, payments and fees contained within this application form, registration form, release and waiver of liability and 2019-20 Student Handbook(s). I also give permission for myself and/or my child, participant or student listed above to have photographs, audio and/or video taken in any medium (including but not limited to print, web, audio, video, radio and/or television) for advertising, marketing and/or the promotion of all about DANCE & so much more Dance Studio, its instructors and staff.
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Which dance styles are you taking this coming season as a student?
Are you taking summer classes?
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Were you an Assistant last season?
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If you assisted in the past, which styles did you assist with?
Have you ever performed in the opening recital routine?
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Other than being at the all about DANCE Dance Studio, are you active in any other after school activities? *
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