2021 Application for an ESL or Citizenship tutor
Because of Covid-19, many of our tutors are only meeting their students online. Some tutors are able to meet in person at our libraries. If you and your tutor both want to meet in person, masks must be worn inside the library at all times if it is mandated by the state and or county. You may let your tutor know that you prefer to meet online for any reason.

Before getting started, here are some things to know about the English as a Second Language tutoring program with Douglas County Libraries.

If you are preparing for Citizenship, please know that our tutors are not immigration attorneys. We can help you learn the Civics and understand the questions on the application, but we cannot tell you how to answer the questions on your application or at your interview.

• It may take several months before we have a tutor who is available to meet your needs.
• Plan to commit to meeting your tutor for a minimum of one hour per week for a minimum of six months.
• You and your tutor will establish a regular meeting schedule.
• After you have been working with your tutor for one year, we will ask that you reapply for a new tutor if you wish to continue. This will allow you to continue to grow and will allow another student to learn from your first tutor. There is no limit to how long you can remain in our program.
• If you cannot meet regularly, we will ask that you apply again to the program when you can commit to regular meetings.
• If your tutor is missing sessions, we will try to find a new tutor for you.
• Our program is free. Your tutor is a volunteer. They do not expect payment for their services and are not allowed to accept payment or expensive gifts. They are teaching you because they want to help our community.
• Your tutor will have received training but may be new to teaching. They, too, are learning even as they help you learn.
• Your tutor will have passed a criminal background check. We only use volunteer tutors without a criminal history.
• You will always meet your tutor in a public place. Most tutors meet their students at the library in our study rooms.
• Your tutor is not allowed to give you rides and is not allowed to accept rides in your car.
• We do not allow family members or friends to be tutored together.
• Our program only is able to serve adult students.
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Would you like to purchase your workbook that you can keep and write in for $12? Know that you have the option to borrow your materials from the library with your Douglas County Libraries Card at no cost. You are not able to write in borrowed items.
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What are your hobbies or interests? Knowing a little about you helps your tutor connect with you on your first meeting.
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If you are filling out this application for someone else, please provide your name, email or phone number and relationship to the student.
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