Cohort 11.A: Application for Taking Part in the Empathy Circle Facilitator Training
Thank you for your interest in joining this Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Cohort.
Please fill out this application in preparation to take part.

Producer: Edwin Rutsch. After filling our this application, email and I will discuss the next steps with you via email.
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See more about the time commitment here:     
TIMES:  8pm PST/ 5pm NZDT* / 3pm AEDT*/  9:30 am IST*/ 8am Dubai*   (*Next Day)    
See Times Around the World.
We require that you can attend all Sessions. Confirm you can attend each Session?   *
1. PST Thurs 4th March/ AEDT-IST Fri 5th March
2. ST Thurs 11th March/ AEDT-IST Fri 12th March
3. PST Thurs 18th March/ AEDT-IST Fri 19th March
4. PST Thurs 25th March/ AEDT-IST Fri 26th March
5. PST Thurs 1st April / AEDT-IST Fri 2nd April
Preparation: Have you seen the How to Empathy Circle Videos? (if you have not seen them, please view them before attending) *
Have you seen 9 min video How to Video?
Have you seen 25 min How to Video?
Preparation: How many Empathy Circles have you taken part in? (To take part we require 2 or more.)   Here are upcoming Empathy Circles you can join to fulfill the requirement.  Or hold  your own.  *
Preparation: Where did you take part in Empathy Circles and who facilitated them? *
Why are you interested in becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator? *
Where would you like to facilitate Empathy Circles?
What do you see as the benefits of Empathy Circles? *
Are there any questions that you think should be asked or improvements in this application? If so, what are they?
Any other questions or comments? *
We Look Forward To Seeing You In The Next Cohort!
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