Form 7 - Notice of delay or postponement for a process or decision_online_v.1.0_08.08.2019
CAB's shall proactively communicate delays of the certification process and reporting to ASC and the outside world, stakeholders to mitigate issues, and to maintain customer satisfaction and transparency for all stakeholders.
CAR v.2.1, clause Delays of more than seven (7) days shall be publicly communicated no later than the planned date of determination.

This notice of delay document shall be submitted to inform ASC about a delayed process as soon as a delay is certain and unavoidable within 1 business day - except were the ASC CAR v. 2.1 gives another provision - clause (see above).
This notice of delay does not replace or deactivate any requirements of the ASC CAR. It is merely a transparent means of communication to ASC and the public.

Per CAR; v.2.1 reasons for delay can be but are not limited to;
7.3 Decision on Certification
7.3.5 The CAB shall retain the right to delay or postpone its decision on certification in order to take proper account of new or additional information, which has become available to the CAB and which has not already been considered in its evaluation report and which, in the opinion of the CAB, could affect the outcome of its evaluation. Additional information includes but not limited to inputs provided by stakeholders and interested parties. Any delays in the proposed timeline for the decision on certification due to the consideration of new or additional information shall be explained in the final report.
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