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Welcome - we are happy to serve you. Our composers depend on the honesty of people who sing their music. So thanks!!
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Your order needs to include the CP number, the song title and the number of copies required. We do not send PDFs.
For example: CP 1237 - Hockey Song (SATB) - 36 copies. Please ensure that the number of copies ordered is equivalent to the number of your choir participants. You can list multiple titles here.
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Delivery - by which date "must" you have the music?
"No Rush" is the most economical - usually 5 to 7 business days within North America. "Xpress Post" (costly) 2 to 5 business days within North America.
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Payment - we accept cheques in the mail within North America
The PayPal option is available for over-seas orders only. We are not equipped to handle credit cards. (no answer is required here)
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