UW Faculty Council Appointment 2018

Students appointments to Faculty Councils are made for the entire 2018-2019 school year. Students become more familiar with how UW is governed and changed, important issues in faculty, campus, and student affairs, and provide valuable student input and opinion on matters that affect students or the UW campus as a whole. While there are no required qualifications, students who are interested in gaining skills in research, critical thinking, and professional communication are strongly encouraged to apply.

- Attend all Faculty Council meetings
- Provide student input and opinion during meetings
- Read Faculty Council materials and be prepared for meetings
- Regularly communicate updates to the Director of University Affairs
- Provide student input and opinion during meetings

UW Faculty Councils are comprised of faculty members, administrators, librarians, etc. and are an integral part of UW. They meet regularly during each academic year to provide oversight and advise the Provost and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee on proposals, challenges, changing conditions, needs and opportunities that arise throughout the university. Where warranted, councils may also propose legislative changes to the Faculty Code.

More information on the councils and their specific meetings times can be found here: http://www.washington.edu/faculty/councils/

Appointments can be made to the following councils:
Benefits & Retirement
Faculty Affairs
Multicultural Affairs
Teaching & Learning
University Facilities & Services
University Libraries
Women in Academia

If you have any questions, please contact Angelia Miranda, ASUW Director of University Affairs, at asuwbdua@uw.edu.

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