2_Student Perception Survey_SY19-20
Focus Group A - SY 19/20
I am learning to read and write in school. *
I am learning math in school. *
I use technology (computer, iPad, laptop, tablet) to help me learn. *
I use educational computer programs (OSMO, Prodigy, Brainpop, Brainpop Jr, Tumblebooks, TumbleMath, PebbleGo, Power Knowledge Earth Space Science, ABDO Zoom STEAM, The United States, MobyMax, Kahoot, Plickers, Google Classroom, etc).
My homeroom teacher uses technology in his/her lessons to help me learn. *
What we do in class is fun to me. *
My teacher does different activities (hands-on activities, uses visual aids like posters/videos) to help me learn. *
I feel safe in school. *
My school is clean. *
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