Call for Nominations: 2019 AOCC Alumni Achievement Award
The 2019 Alumni of Color Conference Awards Committee will recognize an HGSE alumnus who has demonstrated commitment to equity in issues of race, class, and education. This year's award will go to an alum who exemplifies the values of this year's theme, "Homecoming: Past, Present & Future." The award recipient will exhibit strength in at least one of the following categories:

1) their work in defining the root causes of systemic oppression and challenging the racial and intersecting injustices that
adversely impact communities of color.
2) their perspectives of identity and/or cultural identities that shed light on issues of injustice in education.
3) their personal/ professional work that dismantles oppressive structures and forges a new legacy through activism.
4) the valuable work they have done that encompass best practices for working with and within communities to improve the educational and life outcomes for ALL students.

Successful nominees may be practitioners, activists, researchers, scholars, policymakers... they may be found in single schools, networks, neighborhoods, communities, cities, businesses, nonprofits, organizations, districts, states, systems, or elsewhere.

All nominations must be submitted by Friday, February 15th at 11:59pm.

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