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Summer is the perfect time to maintain academics, as well as indulge in many activities that are not possible during the cooler months. Elementary and Senior Kindergarten-aged students will keep up with their Math, Science, and language studies in the morning. After lunch, they will have the opportunity to engage in music, art, and drama activities. Preschool-aged children will enjoy a program full of developmental activities and discovery-based learning methods. All children will participate in our daily trips to the park, where they will play, draw with side-walk chalk, learn basic sport skills, and enjoy nature. Once a week we will even have a picnic!

Our normal summer camp day will run from 8am to 6pm. During this time your child will receive two snacks (morning and afternoon), milk, and a nutritious lunch.

Important Information
To ensure the safety of all the children during our field trips, T-shirts with the school logo must be purchased. T-shirts will stay at Little Owl until your child’s camp is over, at which point you are welcome to take it home! Make sure to label the T-shirt clearly with your child’s name.

We request that each child keeps a bag of their own in their cubby. This bag should contain a sunhat, sunscreen, an extra full change of clothes, and any other item your child might need. Please do not bring toys or other items from home to school unless they are at the teacher’s request. Make sure each item in the bag is labelled. You can keep your labelled Little Owl T-shirt here as well.

Each child must provide their own water bottle. Personalized water bottles are easy to distinguish and make hydration fun. Water bottles are to contain water only – no juice or tea – and are the responsibility of the child. We have a designated water bottle table for their daily storage.

To make our summer camp a fun and safe experience for all of our children, we invite parents to volunteer during our field trips. Volunteers will be responsible to assist our staff with supervising not only their child, but also other children as well. If you are interested, please let us know in advance so we can make the appropriate arrangements. Volunteers are greatly appreciated and make the field trips more fun!
Field Trip Information
Our field trips are full day activities, and we leave the school at 10am. If you prefer your child not to attend any of the specific trips, your child will stay at the school with a teacher. Please note that trips are subject to change depending on the weather. In order to participate, you will need to provide:
- General field trip permission form (See Signature/Consent Below)
- Exact payment for each trip (to be announced a week before the trip)
- Hat and sunscreen for each trip; towel and swimming suit when needed
July Schedule
August Schedule
Week Selection: Space is limited and is on a first-come first served basis
Please indicate the Summer Camp week(s) that your child will be attending. We request parents to remain committed to the week(s) you have chosen as we will be scheduling staff according to the number of students registered for each week. To secure your week(s) and field trips you must make payment through TUIO ( You will get notified by email when the invoices are ready for payment - we will do our best to send invitations within 1 business day. Please follow the instructions for the payment process. If you do not know how to access your TUIO account, please email or the school.
Tick the pricing box for each week you want to attend
Week 1: July 2 – July 5 (4 days)
Week 2: July 8 – July 12
Week 3: July 15 – July 19
Week 4 : July 22 - July 26
Week 5: July 29 – August 2
Week 6: August 6 – August 9 (4 days)
Week 7: August 12 – August 16
Week 8: August 19 – August 23
Week 9: August 26 – August 30
Tick the pricing box for each field trip you want to attend, the price could fluctuate depending on cost of transportation. ($30-$50)
Week 2: Friday July 12th- Farm and Strawberry Picking
Week 3: Thursday July 18th- Build-a-Bear
Week 4 : Thursday July 25th- Wet n' Wild Park
Week 5: Friday August 2nd- Imax Theatre
Week 6: Friday August 9th- Canada's Wonderland
Week 7: Friday August 16- Aquarium
Week 8: Friday August 23- Mini Golfing
Week 9: Friday August 30- Pirate Life
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