Masterclass on Cinematography
With the changing time, the demands of professional skills are increasing. To be more specific, professional skills are also expanding its boundary. To get a job and to get noticed, there is no alternative to develop our skills. According to Wabisabi Learning, an online study resource providing platform, the top three most beneficial learning skills include creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. People can get hold of these skills through the utilization of different kinds of media. Creativity can be brought forward through illustrative writing, through a wonderful picture, through melodious sounds, or even through a progression of explanatory moving images. People today, have changed their mindset and started to appreciate art. To grab peoples’ attention and encourage them with the view of your thoughts, there is no alternative to expressing your creativity. And among all sectors of creative works, a video has been the most successful to take place in peoples’ minds.

To make a video presentable and to help it reach peoples’ hearts, it obviously needs a balanced and decorated orientation of each frame. At this point, the role of cinematographers come into play. They make it more lively and stimulate curiosity in people. The art of cinematography can surely help you to stand out. To be a successful cinematographer, you need to attain and practice a set of qualities. The very first step includes paying attention to detail. A cinematographer must be cautious about all details before the video reaches people. Along with that, the cinematographer must be flexible and open to change with the ability to use their initiative. Besides, knowledge of media production and communication is also a must.

Do all these sounds interesting to you and you are ready to explore your passion? Are you confused about where to start or you want to sharpen your cinematography skills? If the answers to any of these questions are yes, then we are here for you. Interactive Cares brings to you a masterclass session to be conducted by one of the best cinematographer in Bangladesh, Mr. Jubaer Talukder

Mr. Jubaer Talukder is an independent content creator and a freelance cinematographer whose homegrown techniques and passion for content making took him to the top youtube popularity in a very short time. Despite being an engineering student from BUET, he chose the art of filmmaking and tutoring various hacks as a passion and a career. Through his works, he has inspired thousands of people to dream big no matter what they possess. He proved time and time again it's the heart and talent that you need for the most presentable outcome, not a monetary investment. Recently, he has started his own company named 'Lumiere Studios'. Alongside that, he is also the video editor of one of the leading wedding photography companies of Bangladesh 'ChitroGolpo'. He also crossed 1 lakh followers recently in his Youtube Channel. He was also the judge for the content creation segment of 'National Digital Learning Competition- Be the Next E Mentor' organized by Interactive Cares.

In this masterclass the topics to be discussed are:

1. How to start with Cinematography?
2. Mobile phone as a video camera?
3. When do we need a DSLR ?
4. Cinematography as a career.
5. Future prospect.
6. Framing and Composition
7. Focal Length and Lenses
8. Fps
9. Shutter speed for video recording
10. Aperture for video recording
11. ISO for video recording
12. Static shot vs moving shot
13. Do we need a gimbal?
14. Can I be a one man army in filmmaking?
15. Conclusion

Besides, Mr.Jubaer will also try to solve all queries of the participants. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from the best.

Event and Registration Details:
Registration fee: 300 BDT
Platform: Zoom
Date : 8 January, Friday
Time: 9:00 PM
Registration Deadline : 7 January

So, confirm your seats through early registration and grab the opportunity. Prepare yourselves for the changing digital age and stand out with your creativity . We, Interactive Cares are trying our best to ensure you with the most effective learning experience. Now, it's your turn to help yourself grow.

Procedure :

The masterclass is scheduled on 8 January, Friday from 9 PM to 11 PM. So stay tuned & book your calendar.

Registration Fee : 300 Taka

# Registration Fee 250 Taka for the people who will register through Campus Ambassadors.

Registration Link :

Deadline :
Bkash : 01727659043 ( Personal )
01763881476 ( Personal)

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