LLLWeek - D-Clics numériques: Sharing best practices in digital literacy
D-Clics numériques, is an educative project that started in September 2015. The project has been developed in France. But we are part of an European project, and the idea is to disseminate results, methodologies and skills at European level.
Its main objective is to accompany the emergence of the new generation in order to become active and responsible citizens of their digital uses.
More broadly, D-Clics numériques accompanies teachers, schools... to fight digital fractures (equipment and usages). The project is organized in 2 principles axes:
The training of educational actors to enable the implementation of new educational practices in school and out-of-school time
The mobilization of young volunteers to intervene with different publics such as seniors and children in order to help them with their use of technology.
To do so, we created a national toolkit composed, in particular, of educational booklets and turnkey activities accessible to everyone, so that everybody can use them in their digital education projects.
The project is leaded by the association Ligue de l’enseignement.

23 nov 2017
14.00 - 16.00
Mundo J - rue de l'industrie 10, 1000 Brussels - Paulo Freire Room

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