SHICL Pre-AGM Survey
A short survey to gauge views on a variety subjects aimed at improving the experience provided to teams throughout the season.

NOTE: In order to get as many responses as possible, this survey is intended for individual responses instead of one per team.

Starting Time:
The usual start time of 15:15 (sometimes 16:15) may be under review depending on the responses received.
What is the earliest time you'd be willing to start a match with your team? *
Would you be in favour of staggered match times across the courts to ease congestion in the corridors? *
Finishing Time:
The league have received comments that the regular finishes of 22:15 (and continually beyond that time with delays) are no longer suitable and adjustments may be made depending on the responses received.
What is the latest time you'd be willing to finish a match with your team? *
Length of Matches:
Due to matches no longer being able to be completed in under an hour in their current form, the league is recommending that either the number of overs in an innings or the amount of time allocated to a match is changed. This is in the hope of keeping to the published schedule and no longer having long delays each week. Any decision made may have financial implications to match fees.
Which option would you prefer? *
If required, what is the largest increase in match fees you'd be willing to accept? *
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Fixture Scheduling:
Would you like a more structured fixture schedule (i.e. a match every set number of weeks)? *
Would you like to see fixtures released earlier than they currently are? *
General Comments:
In light of the current issues we are facing, the League is always willing to listen to and discuss potential solutions to these issues (and other issues we may not be aware of).
Is there anything else you'd like the League to be aware of or to consider?
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Your Details:
In order to collate the results and to allow us to best apply the survey results to any rule changes, please provide details about your club, your role at that club and which level of cricket your team participates in.
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Club *
Level of cricket your team participates in *
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