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Why Hire a Licensed Professional Plumber?

Plumbing issues at home can sometimes get too ridiculously simplistic. But the truth is, there are no clear cut answers for every plumbing issue. While you may be able to find some popular fixes for common plumbing issues, there are still times where you may contemplate the need for hiring a licensed plumber to go on board with your household problem.

In most endeavors, you do not really have to do everything on your own especially if it means your family’s safety and your peace of mind. Perhaps you may even have tried dealing with your plumbing problem and turning it into a pet project but it backfired and you are now wondering if it’s not yet too late to get a licensed plumber to help you out and deal with it the professional way. There are serious problems that improperly installed plumbing can cause, including creating a health risk for your family or significant property damage. It is many times the best option to have a licensed plumber do the job right.

Some people hesitate because of the additional costs, but there are clear benefits to having a plumber on standby. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a licensed plumber for some of your home’s requirements.

Licensed PlumberHire a licensed plumber during your non-DIY moments for your peace of mind. Can’t do it yourself like in those YouTube video tutorials? Do not worry! Not all plumbing issues at home can be turned into a do it yourself project. There are still some issues that warrant a need for hiring a licensed plumber to do your home’s dirty work for you.

A licensed plumber can expertly see the big picture of your home’s existing layout. Plumbing is still a body of knowledge and licensed plumbers take their licensure very seriously. They do not just go ahead with a wrench; they actually take exams and update their knowledge through continuing education on trends in plumbing. They are able to demystify the nuances of plumbing drawings, material takeoff procedures, and system layouts that will otherwise mean gobbledygook to a regular home buddy. You can draw out those old house plans of yours handed over to you when you bought the house and let your trusty licensed plumber interpret its meaning for you.

You can consult a licensed plumber for your planned improvements to the house. You might already be thinking of converting your conventional water heater into a solar powered one. Or you might be thinking of remodeling your bathroom to include jet massagers in your bath tub. Instead of launching head first into the plan and dealing with the consequences later, a licensed plumber can inform you of potential consequences in the plumbing scenario of your home with these new improvements.

A licensed plumber can clue you in about plumbing matters outside of your home. Since a licensed plumber is well-versed and immersed in his or her industry, you can trust him or her to provide you with some things that you may not know about the inner workings of plumbing in your city. It also means a plumber is accountable to the regulatory board that issues the license and can be held liable for violating board rules. A professional plumber starts in an apprenticeship for many months in order to learn the best methods to perform all types of plumbing repairs and installations.

Since you will be hiring a professional for your plumbing needs, it pays to be meticulous about checking your plumber’s credentials. His or her license number, among many other things, should not be hidden from you. Reviews online about the plumber can also help you know what to expect and how much you should reasonably pay for. Depending on which state you are from, the best way to check if your licensed plumber is legit and worth the bang for your buck is by checking the state-specific requirements for licensing plumbers.

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When Is It Time To Replace A Toilet

Guidelines on whether to repair or replace a toilet for your League City, Friendswood and Clear Lake area home

Repair Or Replace Toilet
Repair Or Replace Toilet
We’ve all come to expect and enjoy the convenience of indoor plumbing. We use it on a daily basis. So when your toilet is isn’t working right, you want it repaired and working quickly. The problems that you’ll have with your toilet will mainly fall into these categories:

- Leaks or running toilet
- Cracked or damaged porcelain housing
- Excess water usage
- Stylistically outdated or not functional

Leaking or running toilet

Any where there is a connection, seam or joint there is chance a water leak can occur. Any water leak that is not contained inside the toilet needs to fixed to protect your homes furnishings and structure from the damage water can cause. If the leak is outside the toilet in the water supply line (see diagram), the line can be repaired and the toilet does not need replacing. If the leak is inside the water tank (see diagram), there may be a problem with the float or filler assembly. Most times these parts can be replaced without replacing the entire toilet.

Toilet leaking around the base, water on the floor

Your toilet connects to the drain line toilet flange. There is a wax ring seal that forms a gasket between your toilet and the drain line (see diagram). If you’re seeing leaking here, it is important to have this repaired. The leaking water can damage floor joist structure, any ceilings below the toilet and any furnishings around the area. Your toilet will need to be removed to make repairs. Consider replacing the entire toilet if it has any damage or cracks in the porcelain, clogs on a regular basis, uses excess water (new toilets use less water per flush) or you want an updated look.

Reduce water usage, conserve water!

Some very old toilets can use up to 6 gallons per flush. New water efficient toilets are mandated on how much water can be used per flush. Low flow water saving toilets only use 1.6 gallons of water. They even flush better than older toilets. A typical toilet will be flushed up to 14,000 times during it’s lifetime. There are even dual flush toilet models that have 2 settings, one for liquid only and one for solids. If water conservation or reducing your water bill is important, updating a toilet to a modern toilet will make a huge difference in the water you use and pay for.

Old outdated toilet style

Remember when pink plumbing fixtures were all the rage? Even if you don’t remember those days, you may have seen this trend in home’s you’ve visited. A fast way to update the look of any bathroom is to update the fixtures. You’ll get peace of mind knowing the fixtures aren’t worn and prone to leaking. You’ll save water if you replace old model toilets. And you’ll have the satisfaction of a mini remodel for your bathroom!

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How to Save Water With Each Plumbing Fixture
Do you open up your water bill each month and take a deep sigh when you see the amount you have to pay? Stop paying more than you need to on your monthly bills and start learning how to save water! With each plumbing fixture in your home, there are a few ways you can cut back on your water usage.

The Dishwasher

Out With the Old – Opt for an Energy Star dishwasher as they are roughly 15 percent more water efficient than the average model. Less water, less noise; more savings, more happiness!
Only Full Loads – Only run the dishwasher when you have a full load of dishes (do not overload). Running half loads is wasteful of water and overloading can result in dishes not being cleaned. Thus, some dishes will have to be washed again.
The Sink

New Aerator – Install a WaterSense aerator on each of your faucets. This will limit the flow of water to less than one gallon per minute, without losing any water pressure.

Fix Leaks – Faucets can leak at the base, handles, and head, so inspect and replace any that have a leak. Some leaks might be slow and unnoticeable, so conduct a thorough inspection. (This also applies to your shower head).

Soak, Don’t Scrub – After preparing a delicious meal, soak all of your pots and pans in warm, soapy water. Scrubbing these pieces of cookware under a running tap can be extremely wasteful and ineffective.

The Washing Machine

Time to Upgrade – Replace your old washer with an Energy Star model as they use up to 40 percent less water. Not only are they more water efficient, but they also spin faster to reduce drying time.

Pick the Right Size – When doing laundry, try to accurately measure the load and pick the appropriate load size. Picking the wrong load size can either waste water or cause your clothes to not be washed properly. Luckily, newer energy efficient models will have a sensor that does this for you.

Use Cold Water – Whenever possible, try to use the cold water setting. Using cold water will require less energy as there won’t be a need to heat the water.

Saving water means you are saving money AND doing your part to save the environment! To repair any leaks or have new plumbing fixtures installed, contact Len The Plumber.

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