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I'm looking for current school leaders to support aspiring leaders as they work towards their next professional goal!
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Please sign up for the areas you are interested in. No need to commit to all!
1. In which areas would you feel comfortable leading a short webinar on? (check as many as you'd like) Please feel free to suggest other areas of expertise that would help an aspiring leader. We will coordinate a time/date that works best for you!
2. Are you interested in mentoring an aspiring leader?
If yes, what is your current role? (Include grade ranges if applicable)
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Do you have a choice in the mentee?
What qualities would you bring to the mentoring relationship?
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Could you mentor at least 30 minutes a month? Provide 1:1 feedback/connected time (hangout/meet ups, etc)
Could you suggest other leaders who would make strong mentors?
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3. What book(s) would you recommend to aspiring leaders?
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Would you be willing to participate in a Voxer Book chat?
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