Emergency Service Assistance Drones
Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Today, we would like to ask about your thoughts and experiences regarding first responders, and tools that might assist first responders in rescue situations.

The survey should only take about 3-5 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

What best describes your role in emergency services?
How critical is "victim to responder" communication in your duties?
Not critical
Please rank the importance of each emergency factor
Somewhat Unimportant
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Being able to communicate back and forth between the victim & responder
Having a visual of the situation before reaching the site
Being able to deliver first aid or supplies before physically reaching a victim
Being able to have a thermal or alternative non-direct view of the situation
Overall, how effective do you think your current tools are in getting a visual/assessment of an emergency situation prior to reaching the site?
If you answered 3 or less for the previous question, how could your tools be improved? What's missing? What would make the process 10 times better?
Your answer
An emergency tool is worth x tax dollars per life saved
Please review the statements below and tell us how much you agree or disagree:
Somewhat disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Somewhat agree
I am happy with the current tools facilitating emergency communication
If a tool provided me with a quicker line of sight in an emergency, I would use it
Faster/better 2-way communication with victims is highly beneficial
I think emergency service drones threaten first responder jobs
Having a drone to help the crew would help save lives
The cost to purchase and use a new tool isn't important if it saves lives
Please take a brief look at this drone prototype:
The drone shown above is an overhead communication tool for first responders. The drone has real-time 2-way video/audio capability, enabling faster communication between victims and first responders. Additionally, the drone is equipped with sensors and thermal/infrared optics, allowing for an expedited assessment of an emergency situation. Considering your own situation, please tell us how useful you would find this tool to be:
Why did you choose the previous answer? Please try to provide as much detail as possible.
Your answer
Please rank the following in order of importance:
Somewhat Unimportant
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Being able to get information to people in danger
Limiting human exposure to hazardous situations
Getting information from a victim prior to human arrival
Being able to quickly deliver medication and other assistance tools to a victim
If a drone came up to you and issued commands, how likely are you to comply?
If the drone was clearly marked as an emergency service, and issued commands, how likely are you to comply?
Do you think there is anything else that could make the drone system more valuable to your work?
Your answer
How much would you expect a first responder drone system to cost (initial purchase)?
How much would you expect operation of a first responder drone system to cost annually?
Which age category do you belong to?
Are you currently working for:
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