College Park COVID-19 Business Check-in
The College Park City-University Partnership is gathering information about the status and needs of our local business community during this time of COVID-19. If you are in need of assistance, we would like to refer you to county, state, and federal resources that can help your business: We are also keeping a list of how people can support your business, please see it here ( and if there's anything to change, let us know. Please feel free to reach out to Valerie Woodall or 845-649-2477 or Eric Olson 240-416-3184. Your participation is appreciated.
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Have you heard about the Maryland Department of Labor's Work Share program, where you can reduce staffing and employees can collect partial unemployment insurance? (
The Maryland Small Business Development Center offers confidential consulting for business owners, have you used this resource? If not, we recommend contacting them (
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