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This is the door to a place and to a community. The place is a google folder of good ideas that community members upload for crits or edits. If you want a place to get and give feedback, and to find opportunities for collaboration, fill this out!

But before you do, know these things:

1) Your responses will be visible to other members of this group.

2) A lot of questions are deliberately vague. Don't let that stress you out. We thought it was better not to use narrow or exclusive language, and give y'all space to use this introduction however you like.

3) If you're reading this, it's because some group member already knows and likes you. So you don't have to prove yourself here. Rather, this is a way for us to record who has access to the folder, so members can know who will be able to see their documents. We think that's important.

If that sounds ok, welcome! We'll be in touch shortly after we get your responses.

What's your name?
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What are your internet names? (handles, @s, emails, etc.)
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How did you hear about us?
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What do you want us to know about your work // the work you might do with us?
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What question should we have asked you? OR what question would you hope we ask everyone? You may answer your own question.
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