Graduate Tracer Survey Questionnaire
Dear USTP (MUST) Oroquieta Graduates,

Please complete this Graduate Tracer Survey Questionnaire as accurately & frankly as possible. Data gathered will be used for research purposes in order to assess the status of USTP (MUST) Oroquieta graduates and in giving about the relevance of the curricular offerings to the demands of the labor market. Your honest response to this questionnaire will greatly help in making higher education programs in USTP Oroquieta truly responsive to the needs of our society in these rapid changing times. Your answers to this survey will be treated with utmost confidentially.

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Academic Record
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Employment Data
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What do you think is/ are the reason/s for not being employed at present? You may check more than one reason.
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What do you think is/ are the reason/s why you are never employed? You may check more than one reason.
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Is this your first job?
(IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST JOB). What is/ are your reason/s for staying in this job? You may check more than one reason.
(IF THIS IS NOT YOUR FIRST JOB). What was/ were the reason/s for changing job. You may check more than one reason.
What is your present employment status?
What is the nature of your present job/ work?
What is your present job level/ position?
What is the nature of business/ operation your present work, employer or company is engaged in?
What is your gross monthly income?
How did you find your first job?
How long did it take you to be hired after graduating from USTP Oroquieta?
How long did you stay in your first job?
Is your first job related to the course of field of specialization you took at USTP Oroquieta?
Was the course curriculum you have in USTP Oroquieta relevant to your first job?
Is your first job making good used of the knowledge & skill you learned in USTP Oroquieta and give you satisfaction at work?
What competences/ skills learned in USTP Oroquieta campus you believed are most useful in your first job? You may check more than one answer
Please make some comments and suggestions regarding how USTP Oroquieta can improve and assist the graduates in their future careers.
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