Registration for Colored Glasses Teamer Training
Since we are looking for teamers for our Colored Glasses project, we are really, really happy to see, that you are interested in our activities! Please, fill this form, so that we could stay in touch easier.
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Usually we search for people, who are at least 18 years old or at 12th grade in high school.
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Do you have experience, working with students?
In which cities in Bulgaria would you be able to participate in workshops?
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Are you free doing workshops during the working week?
Most of the workshops occur during weekdays, as most of the teachers prefer to use their classes for the workshops.
If you answered the previous question with "Yes", then at what time of day?
We would really appreciate, if you could give us exact hours.
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I am aware, that Colored Glasses expects from me to participate in at least 5 of the workshops. *
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