It's our responsibility to protect our natural resources and make sure that we can enjoy winter sports for years to come. Mt. Bachelor is committed to reducing resource use, influencing staff and guest actions to positively affect our environment, and advocating for sustainable policy and regulation.
Waste: Mt. Bachelor understands the amount of waste that is produced within the ski industry, and we are dedicated to helping reduce that amount by eliminating single-use products from our waste stream, having a robust recycling program in place to help eliminate contamination in our recycling bins, and being involved in Oregon’s BottleDrop program to help keep plastic and aluminum out of the landfills. New in 2018-2019, we have installed filtered water bottle fill station in West Village Lodge and introduced an inexpensive reusable water bottle that will offset the sale of single use plastic water bottles. This is a big behavior switch for our guests, and it is up to us, as employees, to set this example and encourage the sale of reusable versus single-use.

Energy: A lot of energy is needed to run a ski resort, and we have taken some big steps to help reduce our energy use, but we've got some more work to do. POWDR and Mt. Bachelor are currently working together to do a full Greenhouse Gas Inventory that will help us benchmark where we are currently, and this will allow us to set big, traceable goals for the future.

Transportation: Mt. Bachelor is just a short drive from the city of Bend, but there are a lot of vehicles that make the trek to and from the mountain every day throughout the summer and winter seasons. In an effort to reduce the number of cars on the road, we began a carpooling program in 2016 that encourages guests to link up with friends before heading to the mountain. Since 2016, this program has helped reduce vehicle traffic by an estimated 18,000 cars, annually. Mt. Bachelor has also partnered with Cascades East Transit (CET) to include Mt. Bachelor as a stop on one of their routes. This shuttle service is available to all Mt. Bachelor employees for free. Take advantage of this awesome perk, and coordinate carpools whenever you can. It'll help you save money as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Use this Play Forever water bottle when at work and when playing in the mountains

When you see single use plastic debris in the mountains and other natural places, pick it up

Encourage and recognize fellow team-members in doing the same

Be an advocate for our Play Forever Initiatives to other employees and guests

Get involved in our Play Forever programs across the mountain, and be mindful of waste, energy, and transportation use in your department

Send any ideas/questions to playforever@mtbachelor.com

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