2024 Mycotoxin Survey
Michigan Corn is collecting the following information to better understand 2024 mycotoxin (vomitoxin) infestation levels around the state. Michigan State University will assist in summarizing the results with the goal of informing prediction tools for better management of mycotoxins in the future. All information submitted through this form will remain anonymous. 
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Please answer the following questions per load of tested corn. You can fill out this survey multiple times for different loads. 
Was this load tested for mycotoxins?
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What was the Mycotoxin score in parts per million? (this is likely a number between 0-20)
What county was this corn load produced in? *
Where did you deliver this corn load?
Did you scout for ear mold pre-harvest?
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What corn variety or varieties were included in this load?
Was a fungicide applied to this corn at any point in the growing season?
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If a fungicide was applied, at what corn stage was it applied?
If a fungicide was applied, what product or products were applied?
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