2020 Academic Student WorldQuest Competition
This application is for the 2020 Academic WorldQuest Competition, to be held on Tuesday, January 16th from 9:30AM to 1:30PM at Bear Tooth Theatre in Anchorage. Information about the competition, including the participant and study guides, can be found on our website: www.alaskaworldaffairs.org/events/2020-academic-student-worldquest-competition/

This competition is open to Alaskan high school students, on teams made up of 1-4 students.

• Teachers may apply to bring up to ten teams. Please contact Siobhan Choi if you are interested in bringing more than 10 teams.
• Students may also self-organize and apply to participate, or find a parent to help coach and organize if no teacher at their school is coordinating participation. Please note that the winning team must have a chaperone to travel to Washington, DC for the national competition.

Please contact Siobhan Choi, Special Programs Director of the Alaska World Affairs Council, at siobhan.choi@alaskaworldaffairs.org with any questions about the competition or participation.

*** The Alaska World Affairs Council also hosts luncheon and evening programs which are open to the public and include free admission and meals for students who attend. We encourage you to share programs relevant to your curriculum with students and encourage participation. A list of upcoming programs can be found on our website: www.alaskaworldaffairs.org ***
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