Women-focused co-working space in Durham
There is a small team of women who are coming together to create a female-focused co-working space in Durham, NC. Please take about 5-10 minutes to answer some questions that will help us in our planning phase. Thank you!
Does the idea of a female-focused co-working space appeal to you? *
Please tell us a bit about why you selected yes, no, or not sure in the previous question. *
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Assuming this place was affordable and fantastic, how likely is it that you would want to be a member? *
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What other local co-working spaces appeal to you? *
Very appealing
Sort of appealing
Not at all appealing
No opinion / never heard of them
American Underground
The Mothership
The Frontier
If you have experience working in a co-working space, please tell us what you like and don't like about the space/s you have worked in and/or about co-working in general.
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Would you be more interested in open co-working or a private office? *
What is the most you would pay for an open co-working spot? This would assume: 24/7 access, open seating, and full use of all benefits and amenities. *
If you would be interested in a private office, please tell us how many people you'd want in the office, as well as how much you would expect to pay in monthly rent.
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What lease terms would you be open to? Select all that apply. *
Would you be interested in renting event space for workshops, business functions, fundraisers, dinners, etc? *
What neighborhood should this co-working space be in? Are there any neighborhoods that are deal breakers? *
No way
Central Park
Old West Durham/Ninth Street
East Durham
South Durham
North Durham
Do you have anything else to add regarding location?
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Please rate the following things based on how important they are to you. *
Totally don't care about this
Somewhat unimportant
Neither important nor unimportant
Somewhat important
Yes! This is very important
24/7 access
Amenities (printer, kitchen, white boards, etc)
Comfort, furniture, aesthetic
Community vibe
Cost of membership
Event space
Exercise or yoga offering (on-site)
Extra meeting and/or call rooms
Female-focused work space
Natural light
Programming (workshops, lunch and learns, happy hours, etc)
Sound proofing
Storage and/or lockers
Studio space for photography and video
Super fast internet
Is there anything else that would be important to you that isn't in the list above?
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If we needed guaranteed member commitment before we secured our lease, would you give it to us? Would you consider.... *
No, sorry
Signed membership contract
One month paid upfront
Larger chunk of money paid upfront (six months +)
What would you need in order to give us the aforementioned guarantee? Select all that apply.
If you are interested in being part of future listening sessions, planning sessions, or surveys regarding this co-working space, please put your email here.
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If you are interested in being part of the funding conversation - either through your expertise, your connections, or your bank account, please put your email here.
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If you would like to be added to our email list for updates about the space, please add your email here.
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Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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