Zone 4: 2018-2019 SPS Chapter Report
Please read through this form carefully, as things have changed. Answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Hit "Submit" to save the form, and save the link so you can reference this report as needed. You may edit this form any time before the due date on June 15th. When you are completed with your report, please answer the final question with the date, so we will know that you have submitted your final version for review by the National Council. The email address at the top will be used for any correspondence from the National Council or National Office regarding the report.

Follow this link to download the template for the free response questions:

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Chapter Information
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Updated Chapter Information
Links to chapter's social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)
Incoming SPS President (name, email)
Incoming SPS Vice President (name, email)
Incoming SPS Secretary (name, email)
Incoming SPS Treasurer (name, email)
Other Officers (Name, Title, Email)
Chapter Involvement
Did your chapter vote in the 2019 National Council election?
Did your chapter meet regularly in 2018-19?
How often does your chapter meet?
Approximately how many people regularly attend meetings?
Does your chapter have a lounge or dedicated student space?
Is your chapter planning to come to PhysCon in November 2019?
Approximately how many people in your chapter are SPS National members?
Sigma Pi Sigma Information
Did your chapter have a Sigma Pi Sigma induction this year?
How many members were inducted in your Sigma Pi Sigma chapter in 2018-19?
Think of your chapter's most successful outreach event or activity. Describe the primary source of information that your chapter used to develop this event or activity. This resource could be a website, video, book, person, or presentation.
What types of resources does your chapter need to improve or expand your current outreach efforts?
What are some of your chapter's favorite online science resources? For example, this could be a beloved YouTube channel or department website.
SPS National Resources
Does your chapter use the website?
Did you find what you were looking for on the website?
Does your chapter use Grad School Shopper?
Does your chapter use the Careers Toolbox?
If yes, how did your chapter use the Careers Toolbox?
Did your chapter go to a zone meeting this year?
File Uploads
Chapter Report Upload: Upload a Google or Word document that follows the template provided at: *
Please name your file using the convention SchoolName_2019_Report
Upload up to 5 of your chapter's best photos
Please name your photos using the convention SchoolName_Photo#
What are the best ways for SPS National to communicate with your chapter? (Pick the top 3)
Do you have any additional comments for the SPS National Office staff?
When you have completed this report and are ready to submit a final version, sign here with the date.
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