2018-19 Child / Youth General Registration Form
Please read all of the information below:

This form is to register your child for activities of First Presbyterian Church of Granville.
Please be sure to go through all pages until you reach final submit button (not "continue").
There is a page for Child Information (General and Medical), Family Information (General and Emergency Medical Authorization), and Consents and Release.
Please fill out every page of the form until you click the final "submit" button (i.e. NOT "continue")

After completing entire form for first child and clicking submit, you will find a link to submit additional children. You will need to submit the Child information portion ONLY for each additional child. Then check the (MULTIPLE CHILDREN) box located under the headings "Parent/Guardian/Custodian Information", "Emergency Medical Information, Authorization, and Release", and "Release and Consent" if the information pertains to each additional child.

Your information will be kept secure and safe.

Child's Information
First Name *
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Last Name *
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Birth Date *
Shirt Size
Grade for 2018-19 school year *
Best way(s) to contact child
Child's Cell
(If child does not have cellphone, leave blank)
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Child's E-mail
(If child does not have e-mail, leave blank)
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Instagram or Twitter Name
(If child is off social media, leave blank)
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Which programs will your child participate in this year? *
Medication Information
including food and other (write "None" if none apply)
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if overnight trips are an option please include dosage amount and schedule
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Other current or historical medical concerns
(Asthma, Bee Sting, Convulsions, Penicillin or Sulpha Drug reactions, Cancer, Fainting, Kidney/Liver Problems, Diabetes, etc.)
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