Cameos in Crowd Shots for Court of Roses!
In the upcoming arc of Court of Roses, the bards travel to the huge, bustling city of Calcin, where they hope to meet with the Alchemist Society. The city is vast, with a warmer climate and several districts dedicated to trade, work, fishing (freshwater, from a great lake), and study.

That makes for a widely populated city, and this means there's going to be a LOT of crowd shots, and a lot of spots for character cameos! So, I made this form with the hopes of organizing all the characters, their creators, and their reference.

For all those interested, please fill out you and your characters' info below!

Disclaimer!: Please note that I'll do my best to fit everyone in. You can include more than one character in your responses if you wish, especially if they're a good pair or small group, but remember that the number of crowd shots will still be limited, so try to limit yourself to 1 character at the least and 3 characters at the most.
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Character Reference!!! If you have no image reference, feel free to write a detailed physical description. If you DO have image reference, provide links to the images here. If you need to send me the images directly, please message me on Twitter or Discord (and note that you will here). *
What sort of scene do you think your character best fits? (Check all that apply)
Any other comments about your character and their cameo?
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