BPEP Scholarship Application
Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneurship Program (BPEP), a postdoc group at UC Berkeley has been fostering entrepreneurship among UC Berkeley’s postdocs and graduate students, through education, awareness, and hands-on opportunities. We connect aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors, resources, and partners. Situated in a vibrant business climate and with access to the greatest pool of postdoc talent in the world, BPEP catalyzes productive collaboration on scientifically complex challenges with lasting economic benefits.

Enabled by a generous sponsorship by the Visiting Scholars and Postdoctoral Affairs Program (VSPA), BPEP is now offering a scholarship to Postdocs and Visiting Scholars (VSPA affiliates) to explore launching startups that are based on research produced at UC Berkeley. The scholarship will help access resources provided by qb3 Startup in a box program. (https://qb3.org/for-startups). This scholarship program is limited to UC Berkeley VSPA affiliates with active appointments, who have a Ph.D. degree. Additional preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate their service to the entrepreneurial community at UC Berkeley.
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