Team Application Form
Bootcamp teams must be comprised of 3-4 RC students working on the same venture concept. Teams must be assembled and this form must be completed by 5 pm on Monday, October 30th. There is a mandatory Design Workshop for all team members on Saturday, Nov. 4th, 9-6 pm. To qualify for admission to the January-term Bootcamp, team members must attend this Workshop and also must submit a set of assignments by Dec. 18.

Please select a team leader to complete the form below. The team leader will serve as the main point of contact going forward.

Team Name
Please enter your team name. If you have not yet agreed on a team name, please use the last name of the team leader.
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Venture Concept
Please provide a brief description of your venture concept. (100 words max)
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Work Completed to Date
Please briefly describe work your team has done — if any — on this venture concept. (100 words max)
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