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What is your group or facility name(s)? *
Please note – multiple facilities can co-apply for support. Joint proposals with existing Bioplatforms facilities will be prioritised.
Briefly describe your catalytic activity (500 words max) *
Describe the proposed activity and impact that investment will have for the sector.

Please also include information on:
- A brief landscape analysis of like capability in Australia.
- What factors make adopting the activity now valuable.
- The research communities/fields impacted.
- What the impact, consequence or foregone opportunity of not investing now would have.
- Are there commercial opportunities for delivery or as a consequence of the proposed activities?
Describe your solution (500 words max) *
Describe the activity you propose to undertake to resolve the gap.

Also include information on:
- The benefits of you implementing the proposal, including both immediate outcomes and potential flow-on impacts.
- How will the opportunity be realised and for whom?
- Indicators that the solution will have been successful (KPIs).
- Describe a model for sustaining the activity beyond immediate Bioplatforms investment.
What is the timeline? *
Please provide a high-level outline of key activities, and their expected commencement and completion dates. Note that Activities should conclude no later than September-December 2023.
Risk overview *
Please list the substantial key risks to the proposal, and each risk’s mitigated likelihood (Certain, Expected, Not Expected) and mitigated impact (i.e., Severe, Moderate, Low).
What are the resources required? *
Please state:
- The required funding from Bioplatforms to address the opportunity
- Other resources committed (i.e., cash or in-kind co-contributions), including written indications of support.

If multiple facilities are jointly submitting this form, please state the amount of Bioplatforms funding for each facility and related resources otherwise committed from each facility.
Other (300 words max) *
Please provide any other information relevant to this infrastructure gap.
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