Royal Basketball Player/Parent Waiver
Please read the ONALASKA ROYAL BASKETBALL CLUB LLC's philosophy, player code of conduct, coach code of conduct, and legal guardian code of conduct. Please sign and submit if you agree to the following.

I/We hereby WAIVE ALL CLAIMS AND RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY the Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC., the Onalaska Royal Board of Directors, the coaches and assistant coaches for Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC., and the sponsors of the Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC., including their respective agents and their employees, from all damages, personal injury, and illness arising out of participation, or based upon acts of negligence suffered by me, or my child or ward, for whom I have registered for participation in this program.


It is the goal of the Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC to offer a program of basketball that will provide opportunities for youth to learn skills, good sportsmanship, the importance of teamwork and motivation necessary for a young person's maturity.

All athletes are constantly before the public and their conduct not only influences future participants, but also arouses public scrutiny of their actions and those of Onalaska Royal Basketball Booster Club, LLC.

The success of Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC is determined by YOU, the athlete and PARENTS/GUARDIANS, along with the help and cooperation of coaches and Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC.

The basketball player must accept the dedication and hard work that goes into a successful program. The basketball player must be willing to follow the rules set down by the Onalaska Royal Basketball Club, LLC. These rules are as follows:

1. All team players shall have playing time decided by the coach.
2. There will be at least one (1) team for each grade. Each team will have 9-12 players, dependent upon tryout attendance and coaches’ preference.
3. Team will be chosen by coaches and a committee appointed by the Board of Directors. No parents of potential players will be on the committee.
4. Follow W.I.A.A. rules as long as the middle school is involved with W.I.A.A., to make sure future eligibility of players is protected.
5. Travel to all games and practices is the responsibility of the player and his parents.
6. Players must reside in the boundaries of the Onalaska School District.
7. Players must have on file with the Secretary of ORBC, a copy of all necessary forms prior to the first practice.


It is the intent of these Rules and Regulations to insure the best possible coaches available for the Onalaska Royal Basketball Club LLC. It is our goal to establish comfortable position for both the coaches and the Board. It is not our intent with these rules and regulations to restrict the coach's involvement or the Board's control.

In all coaching vacancies, the Board will actively pursue and consider candidates inside and outside the association. The Board's decision and commitment to the coach and the coach's commitment to the Board, is subject to a yearly evaluation, which is only agreed to on a yearly basis.

Coaches will be appointed and approved by the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote of the board.

Coaches who fail to set a good example for our youth or who fail to follow the provisions set forth by the Board in rules and regulations may be called before the Board of Directors to review any charges or events. If the Board of Directors decides that it is in the best interest of the corporation to remove a coach, the coach may be relieved of his/her position by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board.


Coaches shall be selected prior to the season each year, by the Board of Directors, and shall be accountable to the Board of Directors.

Coaches shall coach their teams in a manner so as to insure all players conform to the Association Code of Conduct, and take appropriate and immediate action of discipline for any infraction of this Code of Conduct, as set down by the Board of Directors. They shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner so as to conform to the Code of Conduct. Harassing or hassling game officials and opposing coaches or players shall not be condoned at any time.
Coaches shall be responsible for all equipment issued them for their teams, and keep necessary records so as to insure all equipment is returned immediately following the end of the season.

Coaches shall be responsible for communication with Board of Directors' scheduling of all basketball activities.

Coaches shall be responsible for communication with kids and parents. The coach should set up a system of players calling players.


Any failure to follow the code of conduct shall result in disciplinary action:
1. Conduct themselves in a dignified manner relating to emotions, language, attitude and actions
2. Act at all times to protect the principles of safety and development of all athletes
3. Demonstrate respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgment of referees, officials and opposing coaches
4. Display control and professionalism at all times under any circumstance
5. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, including opponents, other coaches, officials, administrators, parents, athletes, and spectators
6. Refrain from physical contact with athletes except where necessary for the development of the athletes’ skill(s) or athletic ability
7. Be aware and understand the role and influence of a coach as an educator, imparting knowledge of skill as well as proper personal, academic, and social behavior
8. Be reasonable in my demands on athletes' time, energy and enthusiasm
9. Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the level of the athletes
10. Seek to learn the latest coaching practices that take into account the principles of growth and development of athletes
11. Refrain from the use of alcoholic beverage, drugs or tobacco products at any event


Any of the following shall result in disciplinary action:
1. Instigating and/or participating in a fight during games
2. Any intent to harm or injure another player
3. Any use of alcoholic beverage, drugs or tobacco products by players on any Onalaska Royal Basketball Team
4. Any use of vulgarity in language, gestures or insinuations of any kind
5. Talking back to a coach or referee
6. Missing curfew time set by coach
7. Not abiding by the dress code (dress shirt and pants with no alcohol or tobacco advertising)

If any violation results while you are representing Onalaska Royal Basketball Club as a basketball player, you will be suspended for a minimum of:
1. One (1) game for the first infraction.
2. Three (3) games for the second infraction, plus appearance before the Board of Directors with parents and coach.
3. The entire season for the third infraction - upon review of the Board of Directors.

In the event a child of a board member is involved in a disciplinary action, that board member will remove himself from any of the proceedings. The Head Coach is responsible for enforcing this rule. If he does not fulfill his responsibility, the President of the Association may intervene.

Any act of vandalism at any time you are representing the Onalaska Royal Basketball Club LLC. will result in suspension for the rest of the season.

Grades are very important and parents should impress upon their child the importance of maintaining good grades in school. (Any player with poor grades on his report card should be recommended for extra help and immediate attention by parents and coaches).


1. Do everything possible to make the athletic experience positive for your child.
2. View the game with the focus on the team and team goals.
3. Accept the judgment of the officials and coaches.
4. Model poise and positive spirit during games; be a role model.
5. Refrain from disrespectful discussions in front of your child regarding coaches, officials, and players. Bring valid concerns to coaches first, then to the Board of Directors.
6. Release your children to the coach and the team.
By signing this waiver, I/We hereby acknowledge that I/We have completely read and fully understand the above terms and conditions and agree to the terms above. I also agree that I am the player, legal guardian of the athlete or the athlete in question, or Coach as entered below. *
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