Adoption Questionnaire
Victorian Collie Rescue
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Note, these questions are designed to allow us to determine that a Collie is the right breed of dog for you AND also to determine that you are the right person/s for a Rescue Collie. If you are not comfortable in answering any question, then please just let us know & why. We are not unreasonable & are more than happy to reconsider/discuss your concern if necessary. Please feel free to add any extra information that you feel would help us in “getting to know you” and your situation.

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Have you ever owned a Collie Rough or Smooth before?
Are you aware that the Collie Rough is a high maintenance breed? (ie it has a profuse dense double coat & requires a lot of regular grooming).
How much time are you prepared to put into grooming your Collie?
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If you are not familiar with the Collie breed (ie having never owned one) then have you done any research into the breed to try to determine that the breed suits you?
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What age group are you in?
Are you married (or have a partner) or are you single?
Do you have children?
If so what are their ages?
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If you do not have children yet, have you considered how your Collie would be integrated into the family situation when/if you do have a child? Discuss.
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Do you have any other pets?
If yes, please give a brief description of what pet/s you currently have and whether male or female.
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Do you allow your pets inside your home?
Have you ever had a “Rescue Dog” before?
Please describe the circumstances of their arrival.
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Do you own your own home? (please note we do not want to know if you have a mortgage etc, just wondering if you are in a stable residential situation).
If you rent:
Are you in a long term residence situation?
Does your current landlord allow pets?
Please provide documentation or contact details for us to confirm.
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Do you have a well maintained fully & securely fenced yard, including secure gates etc?
Please describe your backyard and fencing.
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Are you able to afford the ongoing maintenance and care for a dog? (ie vet care, vaccinations, worming, cost of boarding if necessary, food costs, professional grooming if necessary .. etc etc)
Do you work full time?
Is there going to be anyone at home during the day with your Collie?
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If you work full time, what is the period of time that your Collie would be at home by itself?
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Does your lifestyle allow you and/or your family to spend plenty of ‘quality time’ with your Collie?
How much time per day would you estimate this to be? Ie: play time, training time, walking time, cuddle time.
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Please give any ADDITIONAL INFORMATION you feel we should know.
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Please include any questions you may have.
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