Artworks Survey
Thank you so much for helping us to determine what you are looking for! This will help us to determine our scheduling as we move forward in figuring out how and when to re-open. We hope to see you soon.
In my family, the people more likely to attend a class or workshop at Artworks are
I'd love to see THIS on the schedule soon after you open with social distancing practices in place:
Please check the ADULT classes you would be interested in......
Would you enroll your child in an art camp this summer if we limit the group size to 8 and offer lots of hand-washing and hand-sanitizer options? (Supposing there was one offered that you liked, and that dates were agreeable, etc.)
If you were to attend a once monthly adult studio class or workshop, and it wasn't on a Friday or Saturday night, when you be most likely to sign up?
Would you be interested in weekly home school art classes? If yes, please indicate what age group. If no, please leave blank.
Would you be interested in private, therapeutic expressive arts for yourself or for a child or teen who might be suffering from anxiety or depression? (If you aren't sure what this is but think you might be interested in learning more, please select yes.)
Is there anything else you would like to see offered for adults?
What days and times are best for adult classes?
What children's classes would you like to see offered?
What days and times are best for children's classes during the summer?
Is there anything else you'd like to share with Sara? Would you like to teach a class? Leave your email below! Here's your chance to let me know what's on your mind. And- thank you so much! I hope to see you soon.
Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it!
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