Plan II/KIPP Partnership: Application for Fall 2018
The Plan II/KIPP Partnership was launched in the fall of 2007 as part of a broader effort by Plan II leadership to strengthen an ethos of civic engagement and service among Plan II students. The program is structured as a one-hour course, whose central focus is on Plan II students' mentoring 5th-graders at KIPP Austin College Prep (KACP) middle school, the original campus of what is now a ten-campus network of KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Austin Public Schools. In addition to mentoring their younger "KIPPsters," students in the course are deeply immersed in issues related to educational opportunity (or lack thereof) for historically underserved students and in the KIPP model as a demonstrably effective strategy for addressing such issues. Evaluation data gathered over the years indicates that the “P2K” experience has been a very positive one, for both the KIPPster mentees who are "climbing the mountain to college" and the Plan II students who are helping their mentees see what the view might be like from the summit.

Since this modest but promising beginning, the number of schools in the KIPP Austin network has grown considerably, as has the number of Plan II students interested in engaging with the work of KIPP Austin. Accordingly, the 2018-19 edition of the Plan II/KIPP Partnership will offer three different P2K service options on three different campuses. Below are brief descriptions of each of these options:

Option 1: The Plan II/KIPP Partnership Course (The Krewe) @ KIPP Austin College Prep (KACP)
This option is the original program model. It includes a one-hour Plan II course and the opportunity to mentor a 5th grader at KACP. The course focuses on education reform issues and can cast a useful and instructive light on participants' mentoring experiences. Students who prefer this option should be aware that it can involve a greater time commitment than the other two service options and that enrollment in the course is limited to eighteen sophomores and juniors. In addition to at least one mentoring session per week at KACP, other course requirements include bi-monthly (and sometimes weekly) two-hour class sessions, group trips to KIPP, special projects, related readings, and brief weekly writing assignments.

Jill Kolasinski (KIPP Austin Founder and former Director) teaches the course with occasional assistance from Grant Thomas (founder of the original PAL-Peer Assitance and Leadership- program in Austin ISD in 1980). Thomas has also served for eight years on the KIPP Austin Board.

If you have questions, contact Student Assistants Megan Silver at or Eunice Iyalho at

Option 2: Arts, Letters, & Mentoring @ KIPP Austin Academy of Arts and Letters (KAL)
The program at the KAL middle school is an ideal option for Plan II students who want to mentor a younger KIPPster, and want to take a course on education reform. You will go to KAL's campus once a week mentor to a middle school student, usually in the mornings (7am-8am; with travel a ~two hour/week commitment). As the school’s name suggests, KAL could be a particularly interesting setting for Plan II students with a strong interest in the arts. Another distinctive aspect of the KAL option is a broader range of prospective mentees (grades 5-8), as is the fact that this option is open to all Plan II students. This option also comes with a one-hour course that will meet 6 times during the semester. The course will provide students with a basic understanding of KIPP, their role as mentors, and of how KIPP schools fit into our complex public education system.

If you have any questions, contact KAL program coordinator Will Read at

Option 3: PlanTutoring @ KIPP Austin Collegiate (KAC)
This opportunity is structured as a volunteer program with a one-hour course component. The course will meet 6 times during the semester and will provide students with a basic understanding of KIPP, their role as tutors, and of how KIPP schools fit into our complex public education system. "PlanTutors" will be engaged as volunteers at KIPP Austin Collegiate (KAC), KIPP Austin's first high school, and the major focus of their efforts will be on helping KAC students successfully navigate the college application process --which, particularly for the many KIPP students who are the first in their families to go to college, can be a daunting and difficult experience. In the fall, PlanTutors will work with high school seniors, and in the spring, PlanTutors will work with high school juniors. PlanTutors will also have the opportunity to work with KAC teachers to student-teach lessons on surviving and thriving in college. PlanTutoring is open to Plan II students at every level, including freshmen. The program is also a good option for those who want to work with students closer to their own age specifically on college preparation and can provide a unique, guided opportunity for Plan II students who want to explore teaching at the high school level. The typical time commitment is around two-three hours/week, including travel and the course.

If you have any questions, contact program co-coordinators Sofie Bonilla and Maretta Dewitt at

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The Plan II/KIPP Partnership Course @ KIPP Austin College Prep (KACP)
Arts, Letters, and Mentoring @ KIPP: Austin Academy of Arts and Letters (KAL)
PlanTutoring @ KIPP: Austin Collegiate (KAC)
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