Surf N Sweat 2020: Volunteer Registration Form
Roles will be subjected to availability and you may be allocated to a different job scope based on your suitability for the job
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Volunteering Details
15th February 2020 (Saturday), 2200hrs to 16th February 2020 (Sunday), 1800hrs
Event Venue: Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Reporting Details
Reporting Venue: Nanyang Technological University Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC)
Date & Time: 15th February 2020 (Saturday), 2200hrs
Job Scopes
1) Safety Officers:
Safety Officers will be situated on the inflatable floats of Beach Fiesta to assist participants in completing the obstacle course as well as to ensure that participants do not perform any dangerous acts while on the inflatables.
(Volunteers signing up for this role are required to know how to swim)

2) Event Crew:
Members of the Event Crew will help to usher participants to the obstacle course in Beach Fiesta and check if they are tagged for the right event.

3) Administrative Crew:
Members of the Administrative Crew will assist the registration officers in giving out goodie bags and singlets to the participants. They will also help in category tagging the participants.

4) Baggage Crew:
Members of the Baggage Crew will be stationed at the holding area for Beach Fiesta and will assist the game I/Cs in crowd control and help in registering and deregistering of the participant’s belongings to the transition/changeover area.

5) Referees:
Appointed referees will be situated at their respective court areas to facilitate the officiating of the games and play a vital role in ensuring that the rules and regulations of the games are strictly adhered to.

6) Scorekeepers:
Scorekeepers will facilitate in keeping track of the scores for the games they are assigned to, and record down the details of fouls committed during gameplay.

7) Timekeepers:
Timekeepers will be responsible for keeping time for the games they are assigned to.

8) Videographers:
Videographers will be responsible for filming/videotaping and editing videos taken during the event.

9) Photographers:
Photographers will be responsible for taking pictures and editing images taken during the event.

10) Medics:
Provide assistance to a wide range of injuries or illnesses for the participants.
(Volunteers for this role are required to be a certified Medic)

11) Lifeguards:
Monitoring designated areas to recognize signs of danger, warning swimmers regarding unsafe situations, responding to emergencies and rescuing swimmers in danger of drowning.
(Volunteers for this role are required to be a certified Lifeguard)
Volunteer Benefits
20 CIP/VIA hours*
Exclusive Volunteer Singlet and Goodie Bag
Breakfast and Lunch

*Volunteers are required to stay throughout the event in order to be awarded the full 20 CIP/VIA hours.
Things to Bring
1. Sleeping Bag (Strongly encouraged)
2. Identification card (NRIC/Matriculation Card/Student Card/Driver License)
3. Toiletries
4. Change of clothes & Undergarments
5. Shades, sunblock, hats (Optional)
6. Water bottles
7. Slippers
8. Extra cash
9. Personal Medication
10. Portable Charger
11. A pair of Covered Shoes
12. PDPA and Indemnity Form
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