Evolving Landscapes
In this series of in-depth, thought provoking interviews, we discuss with workers, employees, leaders and top management their thoughts on their vocation, their many passions, their hurdles and aspirations, sources of refuge and inspiration and their path forward - to win their dreams.

The interviews may be taken via Google, answers can always be edited to there is no "rush" to finish. You could speak over the phone with Imran @ 9841223313 or ask us to come meet you. Optionally, video interviews can be taken and multiple people in a single organization interviewed at once.

During the course of the interview, you will build a bond with us (AuroSpaces) - hopefully one that grows stronger with each passing year as we struggle to give meaning to our lives, survive its many trials and challenges and build a society where hope and inspiration is given in abundance to all so they can live the Life Divine
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About Me
Tell us your earliest memories, what gave you comfort in your childhood days, what your ambitions were then and how they've changed over the years. Also tell us what your life's goals are and how you think your on the path to achieving them. Share your worries and concerns and tell us what we can do together to build the impossible.
About My Family
Tell us which uncle made you laugh the most, what your favourite pets were, who read you stories at night and what gave you the push to go out and make a good life for yourself?
About My Education
If you could go back to your teens, what would you tell yourself? Would you frighten that child with your fears and bad experiences of life or inspire them to be brave and have the moral courage to chase their dreams?
My Personal Ambitions
What motivates you? How do you see yourself in the grand scale of things? What relationships do you care about and what causes would you give your life for. What has inspired you and what keeps you in focus?
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