FWA Interactive Engagement Project Grant Form
This form is to apply for a grant for a project that you would like to see come to life at FWA.
We want to help you create a highly interactive, community driven and related engagement activity or art during the Furry Weekend Atlanta convention. We may supply funding, space, volunteers, equipment, supplies, or other help to make your project a reality! We will only choose up to 4 of these projects with a grant of $200-$2000 per project.
This grant is available to individuals, art groups, or other formal or informal community groups. We are looking for something to benefit a very large group, if not everyone, at FWA!

Email *
Please describe your project. Give as much detail as possible *
How will this engage people? How will people interact with the project, or people involved? *
What would FWA have to do to make this project happen (Nothing, provide storage space or space for creating, source supplies or materials, provide volunteers and staff to help man your project, etc) *
What is the estimated budget for this project? (Please give total budget, and explain any detail about cost of the supplies or materials) *
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