Island Sitter Registration Form
Thank you for your interest to become island sitter temporarily at our ecolodge, Togo Eang.  Please register below and answer all questions and we will let you know if you are shortlisted so we can arrange a call to get to know each other.

Please not this is an unpaid job. You will get benefits such as:
- Live on a remote island eco resort for free (just you and your partner!)
- Food supply weekly
- Satelite Internet connection (30GB monthly)
- Snorkel gears
- Kayak boat and yamaha boat with a freelance driver
- Sustainable island experience with 100% solar powered and rainwater catchment
- Organic food supply from our permaculture garden
- Introduction to Bajau culture (villages is 5 mins away by boat)

If we have guests, you will get % of profit we make from them. We can discuss this in details if you are accepted.

A bit about me:
My name is Sihkami Denting, female 33 yo full Indo but lived in 8 different countries for a long time and came back to Indo in 2019 to build my dream, a fully self-sustained island with ecolodges. My background is Digital advertising and I'm still doing it part time but my passion is sustainability. I created a natural soap project with ladies in the villages nearby so they can earn money. The island is 1.5 hectare with 3 bungalows and 2 dogs. 100% powered with solar panel and we catched rain in big tanks.

I live between Indo - Canada these years since my fiance is Canadian (Montreal). Normally my parents will take care the island if Im not there, but at the moment they are stuck in Germany so I need to get someone to look the island for minimum 1 month, I would be happier if you can stay longer (if you like). The plan is 3 months Canada then me and my fiance will get back to the island.
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