Sign Up: "Bodily Dreams" Workshop
Date: This workshop will take place at Hearth, located near the corner of Bathurst & Ulster, on Wednesday November 24th from 2:30-4:30pm.

Participants are encouraged to dress prepared for the weather. We ask that all participants be prepared to show proof of vaccination and/or valid exemption prior to the start of the workshop, to ensure the safety of all participants and the artist. An email confirming your participation will be sent to all participants prior to the workshop. Participants signing up should be available for the duration of the workshop.

Workshop description:
Artist Jennifer Laiwint’s interactive workshop forges connections between bodily rhythms and feeling states and explores the ways that these can be creatively translated through movement, sound, drawing and creative visualizations. What happens to our physical rhythms when we attempt to overcome fear or enter a meditative trance? How can the interpretation of these tempos and their variations be a point of entry into movement creation, speculative storytelling and beat making?

Inspired by footage of cardiologist Dr. John Grammer demonstrating different arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) through simple movements, Laiwint adapts Grammar’s embodied method to develop an approach to listening and imagining bodily beats that individuals at all levels of experience can engage. For this workshop, internal listening forms the basis for relational dance-based games, drawing exercises and beat making. Since Covid-19, Laiwint has developed alternate listening activities based on imagining and touching sounds and pulses. These exercises will focus on both the rhythmic, visual and emotional dimensions of bodily sounds. Participants will engage in different modes of translation based on what is heard when listening to the body and their imaginations to generate movement, recorded sound, and sharing what might be found in a warehouse rave, a mystical sanctuary or an experimental research lab.

This workshop is presented as closing programming in conjunction with Hearth’s current exhibition, “places where sounds turn to dreams…”

What to bring:
For the workshop, participants will need to bring a pen and paper/notebook for sketching, and are also encouraged to download the free app NOISE by Roli (though this is optional), prior to coming to the workshop.

Artist bio: Jennifer Laiwint (she/her) is a Tkaronto based interdisciplinary artist and DJ, also known as Hadara. Her practice is grounded in a collaborative approach with a focus on merging the worlds of contemporary and nightclub dance forms, experimental sound and video art. Jennifer's current work is guided by a curiosity about what can be heard in the body during transformative states, and how dance can mediate connections between physical rhythms, electronic music and psycho-spiritual practices. She has developed work at the Banff Centre and NARS Foundation in New York and has presented in galleries and festivals such as Xpace, the Art Gallery of Mississauga and SummerWorks. In 2020, Jennifer was accepted into the Dancemakers Peer Learning Network and the DOC Breakthrough Program to develop new projects in the fields of dance and documentary film. She recently participated in the TO Community Love-In “Practice Lab” series and presented new video work for Long Winter Television and the plumb gallery. Jennifer is also a board member at Pleasure Dome, where she recently curated “Measures of Motion,” a program of experimental dance films. Jennifer is currently an MFA candidate in the department of Film at York University and will be participating in Toronto Dance Theatre's Pilot Episode Program.
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